Day 32: Boise is vibrant

Ketchum, ID to Boise, ID

Beautiful morning. Clear blue sky, pine trees, birds singing.

It was cold but pleasant
Morning, Ketchum
Morning, Ketchum

Took a two-mile hike on the Heidelberg Hill Trail near town.

On the trail
This amuses me, though it’s not clear whether the street is named for the skier or for a nearby village (which the skier named herself after)

Two places on the trip I have liked enough to go back to – Buena Vista, CO and Ketchum.

Went to Three Island Crossing State Park in Glenns Ferry, ID. It memorializes a place where Oregon Trail emigrants were faced with a difficult choice – a dangerous and difficult Snake River crossing, or continuing to Boise along the southern side of the river, where the route was rocky and there was less grass and water.

Snake River, Glenns Ferry, ID
Sketch of making the Snake River crossing. Wagons were caulked and used as boats.

Visited the museum there.

Unusually, it gave a lot of space to the Native American point of view.

Got to Boise. It’s more lively than other Western cities I’ve visited. “Boise is vibrant” says their tourism bureau.

I have mixed emotions about the trip ending. I like the trip but I’m also happy it’s ending.

At 8:30 PM, the hotel’s fire alarm went off and everyone evacuated. Turned out to be a false alarm, some kid pulled the fire alarm. Walked across the street to the Spectrum, a mall that contains only restaurants and movie theaters.

The Spectrum, Boise

Had a great mac and cheese at Mad Mac (a mac and cheese only restaurant). Saw Toy Story 4 in IMAX. Surprisingly, the movie was good. IMAX was nothing special, just a big screen and stadium seating.


2 responses to “Day 32: Boise is vibrant”

  1. Debra Padula Avatar
    Debra Padula

    “I like the trip but I’m also happy it’s ending.”

    I understand why you feel this way, I really think I do. But it upsets me too. On the one hand, I want to do this trip so badly and I feel jealousy and I wish it could go on forever, for you. But on the other, I kind of feel relieved that I get to live vicariously through you instead. One thing is sure; I am looking forward to hearing the stories firsthand.

  2. villestorm Avatar

    Debbie, Debbie. All good things have to come to an end. Though, for Matt, my colleague, the trip goes on forever because he is a digital nomad with no fixed address. And you should do the trip! Or even a shorter version of it.

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