Day 3: Where’s everybody in Richmond?

Fredericksburg, VA to Yorktown, VA

Cold Harbor

The Cold Harbor battle, May 31 – June 12, 1864, was part of what’s called the Overland Campaign.

The battle was a Confederate victory. But at this point in the war, Grant’s aim was to destroy the Confederate armies, not to hold territory. Grant promised to “hammer continuously” against Lee and his army until, he said, “there should be nothing left to him.” (Source: NPS Visitor Guide to Petersburg 1864/2014 Sesquicentennial Commemoration)

At Cold Harbor: a Civil War earthwork

The terrain is thickly wooded now, but a park ranger told me it wasn’t during the Civil War —it was farm fields with clear lines of sight.


Warehouses near the waterfront
The Canal Walk
The Virginia State Capitol

Richmond was eerily deserted. Oh, shit – I forgot it’s Memorial Day weekend. I hightailed out of town to the Hampton Roads peninsula.


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