Cross-USA Road Trip Day 1: Geography geeking in Delaware

New York City to Elkton, MD

I got on the subway to go to pick up the car, and I had the feeling Paul Theroux did at the beginning of his trip to Patagonia – I am getting on the subway, but while most people here are commuting within the city, I am going to San Francisco by car (by a very circuitous route).

The rental agent at National, Shelley, was really nice. She was excited about my trip and she asked for the best car she could for me. She said lots of foreign tourists take rental cars cross country, but it’s unusual for an American to do it. And what a sweet ride, a black late model Nissan Altima.

Leaving home!

A perfect day.

12:35 PM. After zipping through states #1 and 2, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, I got to the first stop on my trip – Ebright Azimuth, the highest natural point in Delaware (447.85 feet – OK, not a mountain).

Ebright Azimuth!

I drove to New Castle, Delaware to visit the courthouse museum, and was surprised to find it’s in the middle of a beautiful, and beautifully preserved, historic area. The courthouse is the center of the twelve-mile circle that partly defines the boundaries of Delaware. Wikipedia

The New Castle Courthouse Museum

It was closed for a school group visit so I couldn’t go inside.

From New Castle I drove over to White Clay Creek State Park, and took my first hike of the trip. I went to the Arc Corner, the very eastern end of the Mason-Dixon line, and where Delaware’s arc meets a straight line.

The Arc Corner and the Tripoint
A stylized map carving on top of the Arc Corner Monument, looking a lot like modern sculpture
The Pennsylvania side of the Arc Corner Monument

There’s a public trail within the park that goes to the DE-MD-PA tripoint. It crosses the PA-DE line many times, and there’s a sign each time. After about 30 minutes I got to the tripoint. It has Ps and Ms carved on the sides but no D! Delaware wuz robbed! It does say MDP on top, though.

The top of the tristate monument

Next – Maryland.


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    Fae Hamilton

    Glad to see that you’re blogging and seeing interesting sights.

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