Day 29: This unsung hero

Green River, WY to Perry, UT

Overheard at McDonald’s in Green River (one female staff member to another): “Don’t call me bro!” Left Green River, past more splendid rock formations. And taking I-80, the actual direct route between NYC and San Francisco.

At Fort Bridger State Historic Site

Went to the Fort Bridger State Historic Site. Jim Bridger (1804-1881), the mountain man and explorer, established the “fort” (really, a private trading post) in 1843, to earn some money from his knowledge of the wilderness. He put it (in his words) “in the road of the emigrants.”

A little model of Bridger’s original fort (no longer extant)

The location proved to be one of the main hubs of westward expansion used by mountain men, Indians, emigrants and Mormon Pioneers, the U.S. Army, Pony Express, Overland Stage and Union Pacific Railroad. Even during the 1900s The Lincoln Highway, Highway 30 and Interstate 80 crossed in or near Fort Bridger.

Wyoming Parks site brochure


Crossed into Utah, a state not on my original itinerary. Stopped at the Echo Canyon Rest Area and State Welcome Center on I-80.

I-80 and the railroad go side by side through Echo Canyon
Red cliffs, Echo, UT

A statue and tribute to the ox. From a sign: “Listen if you will, to the melodic plodding of the oxen as they methodically pull the immigrants and their dreams across the landscape of this canyon… He stands alone once more, this unsung hero.”

Ox statue and wagon, Echo rest area, Echo, UT

Henefer & Ogden

Like many people, I am fascinated with the story of the Donner Party, their mistakes, their tragedy, their dead and their survivors.

Stopped in Henefer, UT where there’s some Donner-iana.

Plaque, Broad Hollow, Wasatch Range, near Henefer, UT

Took a little car tour of Ogden.

Union Station, Ogden (also a statue of a horse)


About 4 o’clock I got to the KOA campground in Perry. It’s a luxurious campground, with a shower, laundry machines, restrooms, a store, a pool, free wifi, and a dumpster. My spot was really nice, tree-shaded with a mountain view.

My campsite, Perry, UT
Sky, Perry, UT

I charcoal grilled hamburgers for dinner and then toasted marshmallows, just like the family used to do in the backyard when I was a kid. It was great.

Camping was a lot better than a hotel, except for the sleeping part. Sleeping on the ground with a pile of clothes for a pillow wasn’t that comfortable.

What a lived-in car looks like

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