Day 10: Dogs and birds and beaches

Savannah, GA to Jacksonville Beach, FL

A restful day. I drove down from Savannah to Jacksonville Beach to visit two more old friends, Phil and Susan. They’re retired. They have a big, affectionate dog named Cash (after Johnny). There were no places on my list to visit there. They took me to the ocean beach. Mostly we just sat in their comfortable house talking.

We walked Cash and they showed me the osprey tree.


It was really nice to see them after such a long time.

More TV news and went to bed.

5 thoughts on “Day 10: Dogs and birds and beaches”

  1. Larry, thank you filte continuing to share your journey. I am enjoying and learning.

    Regarding “the osprey tree”, do you have any idea whether having multiple nests in one ste is comin in areas with high osprey populations?

        1. It is common though to have multiple nests in the same general area. I was at Jamaica Bay this morning and there were numerous nests seen occupied. Our guide told us that there are currently 25 nesting pairs of Osprey at Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge.

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